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Rallying is the ultimate team sport, and it requires the combined effort, skill, and motivation from many different people to bring together the end result. While the Driver and Co-Driver are the only two people in the car, we have a huge team behind us supporting our every step, from the mechanics working on the car, to the personal trainers keeping us race-fit in between events. Below are my valued partners, who have supported me along my journey so far, and who have all contributed towards my career progression. 

If you are interested in becoming a partner of mine, please submit a contact form on my contact page.


Precision Fuel & Hydration

The fantastic team at Precision Fuel & Hydration have been helping me stay healthy and hydrated since mid-2022. After completing their sweat test, they provided my personal hydration plan, detailing the exact mix of products I should be using, and when to use them. Working with PF&H has been a real education, and the results have been spectacular. 

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